Dear Art,

I’ve been sining and unfaithful to you
Here I am on my knees, or on my four, crawling after you, begging for forgiveness.
You know that I’ve taken shortcuts, did more networking then actual work,
went to the opening and didn’t even look at the performance, skipped that video,
didn’t read the booklet, envied the painting, got to many glasses of vine, black-mouthed fellow artist, mentioned the name of that theoretician
(who’s name we both know) for way to many times (we both also know that I read just the introduction)
Here I am at your whitest hallway, like a shadow, a stain, an imperfection
worried about my garments, doubting your justice and capacity for social change
Please, accept my deepest portfolio, it is not finished yet
I’ll be making new work (soon)
Hope you understand

Your artist